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  • Your Local partner in Oil & Gas Sector Your Local partner in Oil & Gas Sector

Company profile

Basrah East Co. Ltd. One of the well known Iraqi construction companies and suppliers that have gained a wonderful reputation for meeting high international standards, especially when it comes to Quality control and Safety standards. We have been engaged in various construction and rehabilitation projects employing highly qualified Iraqi engineers and technicians, as listed below:

  • Rehabilitation of degassing and gas compressor stations.
  • Rehabilitation of water injection stations.
  • Rehabilitation of gas separation and liquefaction plants.
  • Rehabilitation of LPG storage, refrigeration and shipping plants.
  • Construction of oil and gas pipeline networks.
  • Supply and installation of high voltage electrical switchgears.
  • Construction of asbestos water lines.

Other Company Activities:-

Civil Engineering Construction Projects:
  • Supply building materials including steel wares, hardwares, paints, pipe & pipefittings.
  • Civil construction foundation for all kinds of projects depending on advance date of investigation and application.
  • Expand all range of civil engineering fields with the skilled, high technological and advanced system of our company.
Electrical & Mechanical Engineering projects:
We supply the following items for each project requirements in Energy problems, supply equipments and domestic technology.
  • Gas oil separator refrigeration equipments.
  • Diesel Engines & steams Turbines.
  • Safety & Relief valves.
  • Pipes & Fitting, casings & tubes
  • Water tube boilers & ancillary equipment
  • Power Switchgears, distribution switchgears
  • Power & Distribution transformers, motor generators
  • Heat transfer Equipments
  • Electrical products & electrical household appliances
Control Systems & SCADA:
  • Install & operate all kind of control systems & SCADA.
  • Upgrade from old control system to new SCADA system for all kind of process lines.
  • Repair & maintenance for all kind of control systems & instrumentations.
Water Treatment Projects:
Civil Engineering works for water treatment
  • Building concrete tanks under and above ground level.
  • Execution of all types of foundations.
  • Building concrete structure
  • Execution of building facilities and finishing
  • Maintenance to existing structures, epoxy painting and chemical treatment for Acid and Alkaline services.
  • Treating concrete walls to prevent water leakage.
Mechanical Engineering works for water treatment:
  • Installation and maintenance of vertical and horizontal pumps in a wide range of types, capacities and pressures.
  • Installation of steels, plastic, and coated pipes and tanks system in a wide range of diameters and pressures.
  • Installation and maintenance of other mechanical fittings like valves, measuring devices, sensors, others.
  • Erection reverses osmosis plants of all types.
Electrical Engineering works for water treatment:
  • Supply, eructation and maintenance of all power supplies and control panels (MCC).
  • Installation and maintenance of all types of motors.
  • Execution of all electrical connections and fittings.
Automatic engineering works for water treatment:
  • Maintenance of all local control and measuring devices.
  • Erection and maintenance of pneumatic, electrical and elector magnetic control systems to pretreatment and reverse osmosis activities.
  • Erection and maintenance interlock and protection systems for all water treatment equipments.
Operational and analysis works:
  • Operation abilities to put all pretreatment and reverse osmosis equipments in the level to produce the water with precise specification.
  • Analyzing the chemical and biological of water parameters in the beginning, intermediate and final stages of production.
Trading of Industrial and power equipments:
  • Industrial equipments and spare parts
  • HV & LV equipment & accessories
  • Control systems and instrumentations
  • Communication systems
  • Fire Alarm & fire fighting systems
  • Computer systems & peripherals
  • Water treatment & waste water plants